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Merch with Eventbrite, snacks from Ticketmaster

Two major ticket agencies yesterday announced the integration of third-party ecommerce platforms into their core offerings.

Mirroring the almost tandem announcements earlier this month of both companies’ intention to sell tickets directly through Facebook, Ticketmaster has revealed that their customers will soon be able to order merchandise, food and drink (through Preoday) directly through their online services, while Eventbrite will give event organisers the opportunity to design and order custom merchandise through a partnership with Teespring.

Users of Ticketmaster’s online services in the UK, continental Europe, Australia and New Zealand will soon be able to order food, drink and merchandise online via the Ticketmaster website or app, allowing them to avoid long queues at music, theatre and sports events.

The partnership will also deliver “invaluable customer insights” to venue operators through detailed consumer analytics, says Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster president Mark Yovitch describes the deal as signalling “a huge milestone in our strategy, which is focused on delivering innovative solutions for our clients while improving the event-going experience for fans”.

Ticketmaster’s deal with Preoday will deliver detailed consumer analytics to venues

The Eventbrite-Teespring tie-up will allow promoters using its Eventbrite Spectrum platform to easily create and sell custom merchandise to their event attendees.

“Merchandise and events go hand in hand,” says Teespring’s chief marketing and revenue officer, Robert Chatwani. “It’s a way for any event attendee to express their passion at an event and to extend their experience beyond that moment. In the past, organisers had to overcome major barriers to create custom apparel for an event. Teespring’s integration with Eventbrite transforms that experience. An event organiser can design apparel for an event and make it available for purchase within minutes.

“Just like Eventbrite helps you create live events for your cause, hobby or team, Teespring lets anyone turn their passion into a great product, with no risk or upfront investment. It’s a great fit, and we’re very excited to partner with Eventbrite.”