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Onebox transforms ticketing by connecting organisers to sales channels

Since Onebox was launched in 2010, its focus has always been to transform the ticketing industry, just as the global distribution system (GDS) has transformed the tourism sector. Starting in its native Spain, it set out to create a technological solution that improved the day-to-day ticketing operations of the global entertainment industry, empowering event organisers, including sports clubs, music venues, museums and theatres, to sell more tickets, and be more efficient as they do so.

In the years since then, Onebox has continued to grow, transforming ticketing processes and offering its users a number of advanced functionalities. These include the ability to scale for periods of high demand, since the platform is capable of managing over 1,000 ticket sales a minute. This has proved valuable for organisers of events of any size, right up to large-scale festivals, musicals and top-level football matches, which involve high volume ticket operations. This sales-per-minute rate can also be increased to five times the speed upon client demand, thanks to the stability of the technological architecture of this innovative platform.

A principal challenge for event organisers and ticket vendors today is capturing the attention of potential customers, who are faced with more diverse and globalised options for entertainment than ever before. To answer this need, Onebox’s diverse array of distribution channels mean organisers can reach a maximum number of end consumers. These channels range from online sales channels and web box offices to offline, physical box offices, ticketing agents and brokers.

For instance, in Spain, its network of more than 50 connected channels enables its customers to target buyer personas on their preferred channels, be they digital platforms, physical points of sale or social media. This has proved game-changing for promoters and event organisers, who can then reach a wider target audience and ensure faster, increased sales capacity. It’s for this reason that Onebox closed 2017 with seven million tickets sold for its clients.

Onebox is optimising ticketing management, with positive results for all that organise, attend and love live entertainment

Finally, all this is delivered in the form of a centralised, all-in-one platform, both in terms of the product itself and its distribution capacity. Prior to its solution, Onebox witnessed a key pain point as promoters divided ticket stock and assigned it to multiple channels, resulting in communication failures, duplications, billing errors and, ultimately, a negative customer experience for users due to discrepancies in information on different channels.

Onebox’s forward-thinking technology solves this problem by providing a single access point to real-time availability information and infinite channel management, eradicating the hassle of managing seat numbers in multiple locations. This also means its clients have total autonomy over their sales, and never have to depend on third-parties to change information about their events, update availability and deliver sales figures.

Onebox was born with the vision of becoming the GDS of the ticketing world. The company says it’s honoured to offer a leading global ticket distribution system that erases the multiple inefficiencies of ticketing sectors. Its solution is already optimising ticketing management, with positive results for all that organise, attend and love live entertainment.


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