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Italy’s RCF Arena presented to delegates at ILMC 32

The RCF Arena, the world’s biggest open-air arena, will be presented to delegates today (5 March) at the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) in London.

RCF Arena Reggio Emilia is the only facility in the world equipped to host up to 100,000 people for outdoor live events, with an impeccable sound system and cutting-edge technologies, a slope of 5% to guarantee the best possible views and acoustics, maximum safety, easy access and comfortable services. The arena is in the heart of Italian region of Emilia, an area with an outstanding musical tradition.

Italian singer Luciano Ligabue will open the arena on 12 September, with a completely sold-out concert. The second event to take place at the RCF Arena is the Una Nessuna Centomila concert, featuring artists Laura Pausini, Gianna Nannini, Emma, Giorgia, Fiorella Mannoia, Elisa and Alessandra Amoroso, on 19 September, which has sold over 80,000 tickets in under a month.

Delegates at the ILMC received a special PCUP microchipped, silicone smart glass for use at the arena. The glass is sustainable, suitable to be reused and re-washed thousands of times; repsonsible, with each drink registered to keep a tally of plastic and  C02 reduction; digital, with a link to smartphones for access to digital services; and safe, made from tough, flexible, non-shatter material for maximum safety.


Ligabue, 12 September: inauguration of an international programme
The construction work on RCF Arena Reggio Emilia – which began in 2018 – will continue until the definitive testing of the structure, before the inauguration and the opening to the public, set for 12 September 2020, with an event starring Luciano Ligabue.

There could be no better place than the Campovolo area, with its new RCF Arena Reggio Emilia, to celebrate his extraordinary thirty-year musical career: this is an area close to the local artist’s heart, a place he has performed several times in live events that have left their mark on the history of Italian music. And the next one, at RCF Arena, on 12 September 2020, promises to be more incredible than ever: a 30th anniversary celebration of Il Liga, set to go down in the annals of rock and to kick off a programme of events with an international dimension.

Greenery and zero-carbon solutions are the two key attributes underpinning the RCF Arena’s green credentials

Advanced sustainable design
RCF Arena Reggio Emilia is a highly sustainable project, which seeks to improve and develop the urban park it is built within (with thousands of new trees and cycle paths), to occupy the non-operative area of the airport (thus guaranteeing zero land consumption) and to reduce environmental impact (by adopting zero carbon solutions).

Greenery and zero-carbon solutions are the two key attributes underpinning the RCF Arena’s green credentials. The protection and promotion of the Arena’s natural surroundings and urban regeneration in the local area are a central focus of the RCF Arena project, alongside a range of initiatives to reduce the venue’s carbon footprint, from optimising power consumption, promoting sustainable transport and innovative waste recycling programmes to constant monitoring and accreditation of the complex’s environmental impact.

RCF Arena Reggio Emilia aims to make the most of the potential for growth in the live events sector to boost tourism in the region

With the Music Valley, more opportunities for the Metropolitan Area
RCF Arena Reggio Emilia aims to make the most of the potential for growth in the live events sector to boost tourism in the region, through the national and international promotion of the Emilia-Romagna system, the Via Emilia experience and the region’s cultural heritage.

Not only tourism, but also knowledge and work contribute to make the most of the region’s outstanding assets, the economic development of the metropolitan area, the establishment of new businesses and the growth of existing enterprises, especially in the advanced tertiary, hospitality and cultural industry sectors. RCF Arena’s aim is to make Reggio Emilia the capital of live music, and to create a Music Valley of international scope – deservedly joining the system of valleys in the region dedicated to motor vehicles, food and wellness – able to welcome, thrill and amaze people from all over Europe.


Want to know more? Take a look at the RCF Arena here and access the technical area here