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IQ's annual Pride takeover edition features the LGBTIQ+ List 2024, Anna Sjölund's career profiled, LATAM market focus & lots more

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IQ‘s annual Pride takeover edition is out now and available to read or buy.

The latest issue includes:

The LGBTIQ+ List 2024: Twenty queer pioneers who are changing the live music industry landscape.

The Solutionist: ASM Global director Anna Sjölund celebrates 25 years in music.

Loud and Proud: Profiling 12 of the priority queer acts on the rosters of our partner agencies.

Rave New World: DJ Mag editor Carl Loben examines the trends shaping the global electronic music scene.

Strength In Numbers: Gordon Masson talks to some of those driving diversity, equality and inclusion in the live entertainment hiring process.

Living La Vida Local: Adam Woods visits some of the diverse territories that make up the vibrant, ever-expanding Latin American tour circuit.

Plus commentary from Zoe Maras, who shares her experience of being asexual in the industry, and Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, who details the ramifications of proposed anti-drag and LGBTIQ+ legislation in the United States.

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IQ 127 - Print Copy

IQ 127 – Print Copy


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Latest issues

Issue 127
  • LGBTIQ List 2024
  • Anna Sjölund Celebrates 25 Years
  • Market Report: Latin America
  • Electronic Music Report 2024

Comment: Alaska Thunderfuck 2000 Talks Anti-drag Legislation in the US Zoe Maras on Asexuality ILMC Members' Noticeboard Your Shout: What Would Your Drag Name Be and Why?

Issue 126
  • ILMC 36: The Report
  • Mercury Wheels' Barnaby Harrod Celebrates 25 Years as a Promoter
  • The 1975’s Tour
  • Switzerland Market Report

Comment: Pembe Tokluhan: Your Network is Your Net Worth Full Fat's Ella McWilliam: Understanding Your Audience ILMC Members' Noticeboard Your Shout: What Was Your Favourite Highlight From ILMC 36?

Issue 125
  • Peter Schwenkow's 50 Years as a Pioneer
  • Music Venue Trust's 10th Anniversary
  • Women on the Road
  • Gulf States Market Report

Comment: Cliff Fluet Previews his AI Panel at ILMC Tim Chambers on the Marriage Between Private Equity & Live Ents Horrorscopes: Pessa Mystic on What's in Store for 2024

Issue 124
  • 2023: Year in Review
  • The Gaffer 2023: Malcolm Weldon
  • Market Focus: Poland
  • Memo Parra's 30 Years in Music

Comment: Adam Webb: Touts are Getting More Sophisticated Christina Hazboun: Working Toward Gender Balance Your Shout: "What Would Help Send You into Orbit in 2024?"

Issue 123
  • Louis Tomlinson's Faith in the Future Tour
  • Alex Bruford: 20 Years in the Business
  • Market Focus: Denmark
  • All Aboard!: Live Music Cruises

Comment: Nick Morgan: 10 Lessons From 10 Years of The Fair The Snug's Rachael Flaszczak Talks Protective Ownership Your Shout: "What is the scariest experience you've ever had?"

Issue 122
  • Special Festival Issue
  • Three Decades of Sziget Festival
  • FKP's Stephan Thanscheidt Profiled
  • Market Focus: The Netherlands

Comment: Supporting Grassroots with Shain Shapiro Michael Kümmerle on the Benefits of TikTok Your Shout: What is your most memorable moment from the 2023 festival season?

Issue 121
  • Depeche Mode Tour Report
  • Thomas Johansson at 75
  • Market Report: Japan
  • OVO Hydro's Tenth Birthday

Comment: Alex Ampofo Talks Disabled Representation Sarah Slater on Bespoke Experiences Your Shout: "Who's the Most Memorable Band You've Seen at a Showcase Gig

Issue 120
  • Elton John's Final Tour
  • The LQBTIQ+ List 2023 + Loud & Proud
  • Electronic Music Report
  • Market Focus: Australia & NZ

Comment: Saskhia Menendez on the need for a trans charter Jess Kinn on developing queer stars Your Shout: "The time has come for you to lipsync for your life. Which song are you choosing and why?"

Issue 119
  • A High Note: Helene Fischer's "Rausch Live" on Tour
  • Market Focus: Belgium
  • 20 Years of Summer Marshall
  • New Festivals for 2023

Comment: Venues: Our Cultural Hubs - Guy Dunstan on Customer Feedback Ready or Not, Here AI Come with Steve Jenner Your Shout: "What's the funniest or most bizarre thing you've ever seen at a festival?"

Issue 118
  • Loud Kids: Måneskin Tour Report
  • KISS and Tell: 40 Years of McGhee Entertainment
  • Ginger Owl's ten-year anniversary
  • Austrian market report

Comment: To Bot or Not to Bot: The rise of ChatGPT ILMC 35 Report Venues: Our Cultural Hubs by Rebecca Kane Burton Jon Chapple writes about the experience of living – and working – with cancer Your Shout: What was your ILMC 35 highlight?

Issue 117
  • ILMC 35: The Full Agenda
  • Herman Schueremans: 50 Years in Music
  • Lewis Capaldi On Tour
  • Market Focus: France

Comment: TikTok: Time To Act with Marcel Hunziker Sheryl Pinckney-Maas on Crowdsourced Incident Reporting Joe Hastings Talks Mental Health ASM Global's Chris Bray on ILMC's Bursary Scheme

Issue 116
  • Best Tour: Ed Sheeran
  • The Gaffer 2022: Nicole Massey
  • Market Feature: Spain
  • The Architects

Comment: James Fieldhouse talks Mergers & Acquisitions #FestivalsWithoutBarriers with Suzanne Bull MBE Taylor Swift – A Consumer Perspective by Tim Chambers

Issue 115
  • The Cure on Tour
  • Arnaud Meersseman: 20 Years in Music
  • Market Focus: Germany
  • The Metaverse

Comment: Paul Newman: The Greener Ticket Annabella Coldrick On The Challenges Faced By The Business Agony Aunty Alex Dispenses His Sage-Like Wisdom

Issue 114
  • Stadium Report 2022
  • 35 Years of Di & Gi
  • Green Guardians 2022
  • Market Focus: Italy

Comment: Sarah Slater on a record-breaking summer Paul Reed talks past, present & future of the festival sector IFF Report 2022

Issue 113
  • Coldplay on Tour
  • Lucy Dickins - 25 Years in the Biz
  • Market Report: Sweden
  • Metal Under the Microscope

Comment: Prof Chris Kemp on Crowd Behaviour Mental Health with Lynne Maltman Your Shout: "How Do You Keep Cool When the Going Gets Tough?"

Issue 112
  • Pride Takeover Issue 2022
  • Valuing the Pink Pound
  • Market Feature: Latin America
  • Roskilde Celebrates 50 Years

Comment: Nix Corporan on Providing Safer Places for Queer Acts & Fans Hatice Arici on the Cancellation of Istanbul's Pride Celebration Your Shout: "Who's the Best Queer Act You've Seen Live?"

Issue 111
  • The Long Tale of Coda
  • Market Report: Switzerland
  • ILMC 34: The Report
  • Solving the Supply Chain Crisis

Comment: Lorenz Schmid details Germany's first climate-neutral arena Theo Quiblier urges us all to share our failures Your Shout: "Which artist or band is your greatest festival discovery?"

Issue 110
  • ILMC 34 Agenda
  • Market Focus: The Gulf States
  • FullSteam Agency at 20
  • Phil Bowdery Celebrates 50 Years in the Biz

Comment: Semyon Galperin on the conflict in Ukraine Why the Ukraine industry will thrive - Alona Dmukhovska Marie Lindqvist on investing in the future

Issue 109
  • KJK Celebrates 60 Years
  • ILMC's In-Person Comeback
  • The Great Refund Debate
  • Family Shows Back on the Road

Comment: Craig Stanley Talks Brexit Blues Healing from the pandemic with Lina Ugrinovska Your Shout: "What's the Weirdest Place You've Watched a Gig?"

Issue 108
  • 10 Thing Learned from the Pandemic
  • The Gaffer: Phay Mac Mahon
  • Covid Mitigation
  • Omicron Cancellations

Comment: BACK in the Saddle with Suzi Green Ric Salmon Talks Live-streaming with The Smile Your Shout: "What's the Best Showcase You've Ever Seen?"

Issue 107
  • 2021: Year in Review
  • Leading the Way: The State of the Business
  • Tech: Blockchain
  • New Dates for ILMC

Comment: Wayne Forte Talks Mad Dogs & Englishmen Ticket Tout Strategy with Richard Davies Your Shout: "What was your best live moment of 2021?"

Issue 106
  • What's On at ILMC 34
  • Operation Phoenix: Reopening Arenas
  • Liam Gallagher Returns to Knebworth
  • The Astroworld Tragedy

Comment: Suzanne Hunt Talks Squeeze's US Tour Gregor Pryor on the Challenges of the Metaverse Debbie Taylor Shares Her Recent GNR Tour Experience Your Shout: Who Would Be Your Three Ideal Dinner Guests?

Issue 105
  • International Ticketing Yearbook 2021
  • Recruitment & Restaffing
  • Javor Talks Coldplay
  • October's New Signings

Comment: A Greener Festival's Claire O'Neill Says the Live Industry is Coming of Age Marta Pallarès on the Current Touring Deadlock Between Spain and the UK Your Shout: What's Your Favourite Horror Story?

Issue 104
  • IFF 2021
  • Lights, Sound, Screens
  • The Rise of Cashless Payments
  • GEI - The Summer Edition

Comment: MVT's Mark Davyd Talks Grassroots Jürgen Schlensog & Sven Meyer on Jazzopen Stuttgarts Obstacles Your Shout: "If you had 25 hours a day, how would you use your extra time?"

Issue 103
  • New Bosses 2021
  • Green Guardians Guide
  • The Future of Venues
  • Your Shout: "Who would you have on your team in a zombie apocalypse?"

Comment: Holger Jan Schmidt on the aftermath of the Ahr Valley floods Adele Slater talks about Liam Gallagher’s “life-affirming” UK show for NHS workers Oak View Group's Jessica Koravos & Ann Jackson on Building Back Better The Roadie Cookbook's Nick Gosling and Julie Cotton discuss mental health

Issue 102
  • IFF2021: The Agenda
  • Future of Live-Streaming
  • Touring Exhibitions 2021
  • Your Shout: "What Won't You Miss About the Business When Live Shows Resume?"

Comment: Luis Sousa Reinvents the Early-bird Ticket GNR's Production Coordinator Debbie Taylor Talks Covid Protocol Oak View Group's Jessica Koravos & Ann Jackson on Building Back Better

Issue 101
  • LGBTIQ+ List of queer pioneers
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • Loud & Proud: The best queer artists

Comment: Raven Twigg on coming out and the Women Connect collective Lotje Horvers' tips for becoming allies Laura Nagtegaal's unique perspective of sexism in the industry What's your favourite Pride moment?

Issue 100
  • Recruitment & Restaffing
  • The New Europeans
  • A Brave New Agency World
  • IQ @ 100

Comment: Suzanne Bull talks inclusivity for Deaf and disabled people Peter Noble on the eleventh-hour cancellation of Bluesfest Production Notes: Bill Rahmy's wish list Your Shout: "What Does IQ Mean to You?"

Issue 99
  • NFTs – Ticketing’s Interactive Future?
  • Building Back Greener
  • Your Shout: What's your biggest culinary triumph during lockdown?

Comment: Laura Davidson on her new female-led services agency Mike Malak talks new tech Julia Robinson looks at government-backed Insurance IPM Production Notes: Rebecca Travis

Issue 98
  • ILMC 33 Review
  • The Road to Recovery
  • Insurance in the Time of Covid
  • Tom Schroeder on Making Touring Sustainable

Comment: Tiffany Hudson Talks Therapy on Tour Primavera Sound's Marta Pallarès on Gender-Balancing Line-ups A Life Without Touring With Gaffer Chris Kansy Your Shout: "What Was Your ILMC Highlight...?"

Issue 97
  • One Year On - 12 months of Covid
  • New Tech at ILMC
  • Live-streaming
  • Music showcases: ILMC

Comment: Agent Mark Bennett on Coping in the Face of Adversity Tone Østerdal highlights funding frustration in Norway's live sector Sybil Bell on this year’s Independent Venue Week Your Shout: Who was the most surprising person you met at a gig or added to a guest list?

Issue 96
  • ILMC 33 Agenda
  • Market Focus: New Zealand
  • 30 Years of EAA
  • Agent Mike Malak previews PULSE@ILMC

Comment: Conal Dodds on live-streaming Where music and gaming collides, with Jesse Kirshbaum Your Shout: What are you looking forward to most when life gets back to normal?

Issue 95
  • ILMC 33: What's on
  • Resorts World Arena at 40
  • Unsung Heroes 2020
  • The International Ticketing Yearbook

Comment: Mariya Gabriel outlines Creative Europe's schemes to help live music How Iceland Airwaves recalibrated during 2020 Your Shout: What's the most positive aspect of 2020?

Issue 94
  • Agents of Change
  • Covid Testing Solutions
  • Q&A With Michael Chugg
  • Hungarian Music Export Feature

Comment: Italian Singer-Songwriter Elisa on her Recent Tour Joe Frankland Talks Equality Your Shout: "What's the strangest superstition you've encountered?"

Issue 93
  • Highlights from the iFF
  • Market Health: Czech Republic
  • New Bosses 2020
  • Unsung Hero: MVT's Clara Cullen

Comment: Annabel Coldrick Talks Licensing & Live-streams Tallinn Music Week's Helena Sildna on TMW 2020 Your Shout: Who is the Most Famous Person, Outside of Music, That You Have Met?

Issue 92
  • iFF Agenda
  • Live-streaming During Covid
  • Diversity in the Live Music Industry
  • Unsung Hero: The Clapham Grand's Ally Wolf

Comment: Exit Festival's Dušan Kovačević on Social Activism Beverley Knight Talks Socially Distanced Concerts Your Shout: What's your most prized possession... ever?

Issue 91
  • Covid Kit Essentials
  • Finance During the Pandemic
  • The Associations Helping Us Fight Coronavirus
  • Unsung Hero: Fabian Müller

Comment: Judith Clumpas & the Local Industry in New Zealand Michael Kill Talks Dance Music During Covid Your Shout: What's the funniest practical joke...

Issue 90
  • The Green Guardians Guide 2020
  • Laura Marling’s Historic Live-Streamed Shows
  • India Market Report
  • New Signings & Rising Stars

Comment: Alexandra Ampofo: Employers must follow through following Black Out Tuesday Macky Drese: Are traditional concerts a thing of the past? Kendall Ostrow: Time to Consider TikTok & more...

Issue 89
  • Coronavirus Special Report
  • Ossy Hoppe’s Big Birthday Surprise
  • Market Report: The Gulf States
  • ILMC 32 Review

Comment: Mike Malak's tips for home working & shutdown opportunities Tamsin Embleton: Dealing with stress, anxiety and uncertainty Tim Thornhill: Insuring the Unknown Melanie Eselevsky: View from a New Boss

Issue 88
  • Rod MacSween - Agent of the Decade
  • Slipknot on Tour
  • Market Focus: Scotland
  • The ILMC Agenda

Comment: Claudio Trotta Talks Algorithms African Music Festivals with Chin Okeke Mark Alexander - A Place for Secondary Ticketing Jo Young Previews Futures Forum 2020 Sacha Lord Talks Nightlife

Issue 87
  • ILMC 32 Launches
  • Dido - Live for Rent
  • Market Focus: Russia
  • The Gaffer

Comment: Chris Johnson Applauds Sustainability Efforts Encountering Trans Musicales with Béatrice Macé Boyan Robert Pinter in Defense of the Bulgarian Live Music Market Promotional Difficulties: With Mary Gavala

Issue 86
  • The Inexorable Rise of Latin American Music
  • Chris Homer Celebrates 30 Years in The Business
  • Market Focus: Spain
  • Music Cruises

Comment: Dan Steinberg Talks Promoter 101 Podcasts Live Event Security with Mark Hamilton Martin Goebbels - A State of Commotion Heather Peace Redresses the Balance

Issue 85
  • Tom Schroeder Anniversary
  • Market Report: Norway
  • IFF 2019
  • The New Bosses Shortlist

Comment: Eric Stuart Talks Security Sustainability Goals with Shaun Shapiro & Tom Huston Mariana Sanchotene Looks at EDM Mike Malak & Anne Bewers on the Shift From Coda to Paradigm

Issue 84
  • Market Report: Japan
  • Touring Exhibitions
  • Wacken Open Air Celebrates
  • Roberto de Luca Marks 40 Years in The Biz

Comment: Judith Clumpas Talks Green Arenas Claire O'Neill Provides Environmental Updates Neo Sala on the Cancellation of Doctor Music Fest Lawyer Rob Eakins on GDPR

Issue 83
  • CTS Eventim at 30
  • ILMC 2019: The Report
  • On Tour with Post Malone
  • Market Report: Switzerland

Comment: Elisa Thoma on European Clubs & Venues The Need for Local Expertise - Archie Hamilton Country Goes Mainstream - Phyllis Belezos Adam Goodyer Asks: Do I Need an App?

Issue 82
  • ILMC 31's Magical Agenda
  • Market Report: Middle East
  • Snow Patrol on Tour
  • Pino Sagliocco's (Secret) 40th Anniversary in the Biz

Comment: Tent Waste at Festivals with A Greener Festival's Teresa Moore Neil Warnock MBE Talks Nordoff Robbins Lisa Boden Shah on Live Investments Environmental Impacts of Travel with Ben Robinson Lucie Caswell on Brexit and the Live Industry

Issue 81
  • Matt Bates Celebrates 20 Years in the Biz
  • The Gaffer 2018: Chris Marsh
  • Market Focus: Netherlands
  • 35 Years of CAA

Comment: Claire Singer Looks at Diversity in the Live Industry Joe Chialo Discusses the Music Coming out of Africa The Italian Market With Angela Curiella Big D Zaretsky Considers Equality

Issue 80
  • Market Report: Sweden
  • Chris York - The Guvnor
  • U2 on Tour
  • The Growth of Jazz

Comment: Chris Hammam on safety Damon Culbert - Glastonbury and the Trouble with Brexit Hilde Spille - How Healthy is the Live Music Industry?

Issue 79
  • Metal Health
  • 25 Years of Mojo
  • Market Focus: Germany
  • Touring with Dinosaurs

Comment: Arnold van der Water: What Makes A Successful Touring Expo? Is 2018 the Year of French Pop? Clementine Bunel looks at the Plight of African Acts On Tour Trust in the Power of Youth with Glen Rowe

Issue 78
  • The Staging Industry
  • Touring Exhibitions
  • Two Decades of Triple A
  • Market Report: Australia & New Zealand

Comment: Volker May on German's Promoters Why the Industry is Missing Out - Marcus Russel Jim King on All Points Festival in London Country Music - Nathalie Cox

Issue 77
  • ILMC 30: The Report Issue
  • Kilimanjaro at 10
  • Happy Birthday, Steve Strange
  • Market Report: Denmark

Comment: Protecting Festivals with Gavin Hepburn Mike Malak - Kid Talks Dr Julia Jones: The 360-degree Value of Live Music Simplifying the Live Sector Supply Chain

Issue 76
  • ILMC 30 - The Agenda
  • ITB at 40
  • Four Decades of DEAG
  • Market Focus: Belgium

Comment: Ian Taylor: The Psychology of Ticket Pricing Festival Trends with Katie McPhee Thomas Ovesen on the Middle East Music Branding GDPR

Issue 75
  • ILMC 30 Launch Issue
  • Market Report: Austria
  • The Gaffer Award 2017
  • European Festival Report 2017

Comment: Audrey Guerre & Live DMA Network Safe Gigs for Women - Sarah Claudine Simeon Pranger's Strategic Mindset Central Eastern Europe

Issue 74
  • Phil Rodriguez - La Vida Loca
  • Market Focus: Canada
  • IFF 2017 - In Review
  • Visas and Immigration

Comment: Claire Singers Encourages Diversity in the Live Biz Live Music on Ice - Oliver Hoener Phil Mead's Lessons in Live Cathal Furey - Fan-filming at Concerts Arena Planning with Paul Cheetham

Issue 73
  • Mike Greek at 50
  • Market Focus: Norway
  • Green Field Innovations
  • Transport & Travel

Comment: How Streaming Has Changed the Industry MP Michael Dugher and the Small Venues Circuit Creating a Successful Event with Victor Cobos

Issue 72
  • Hans Zimmer on Tour
  • Market Focus: Switzerland
  • Live Streaming
  • Family Entertainment

Comment: The Internet for DIY Artists - Sean Goulding Venue Security with Chris Kemp & Dr Pascal Viot Reality Cheque - Hayley Brady & James Balfour Festival Luxury with Sarah Woodhead

Issue 71
  • ILMC 29 - Full Report
  • A Decade of WME London
  • Herman Schueremans - The Belgian Pioneer
  • Market Focus: Ireland

Comment: London's Night Czar Amy Lame Talks City Dudu Sarr on Live Music in Africa A Look at the Indian Market with Nerm Helping Young Music Makers with Give A Gig Week

Issue 70
  • Best in Show 2016
  • Market Focus: The Middle East
  • 25 Years of Alex Hardee
  • ILMC 29: The Agenda

Comment: Martin Holmes on event security Jo Dipple warns against complacency Collaboration between European events A reminder from Beckie Sugden about the importance of music

Issue 69
  • Bastille on Tour
  • ILMC 29
  • The Gaffer 2016: Bill Leabody
  • Annual Festival Report

Comment: Ivana Dragila - A matter of perspective Matthew Covey - US artist visas DIYing the music industry Chantal Bolzern on co-operation

Issue 68
  • Luger Celebrates 25 Years
  • Touring Exhibitions
  • Laura Pausier on Tour
  • Market Focus: Poland

Comment: Anita Debaere Gets Organised Rahul Kukreja on Malaysia Judith Clumpas Talks Arena Design Funding with Vanessa Reed

Issue 67
  • The Unstoppable Steve Zapp
  • Market Report: Germany
  • The Plight of the Small Venue
  • Travel and Transport

Comment: New Rights Realities for Festivals - Adam Elfin Direct Licensing - Maria Forte Several Nights in Bangkok - Dennis Argenzia Safe & Sound - Niko

Issue 66
  • Market Focus: Down Under
  • VIP Festival Experiences, Gone Mad
  • Barry Clayman's 80th
  • Montreux Jazz Festival at 50

Comment: Tuomo Tolenene - A Mobile Threat Jules de Lattre - Agency Business Wilbert Mutsaers - Let the Music be Dr Julia Jones - Music in the Street

Issue 65
  • ILMC 28 Review
  • Finnish Market Report
  • Festival Technology
  • 10 Years of Live Nation

Comment: Learning from our Mistakes Kim Bloem Wants a Group Hug The Importance of Live

Issue 64
  • European Arenas Report 2016
  • Bob Angus
  • Market Focus: Sweden
  • Best in Show: Violetta

Comment: Corinne Rigaud & the EC's plans The pros and cons of live-streaming A look at gender equality Stephen Budd and affiliate marketing Careers in the live music industry for young people

Issue 63
  • European Festival Report 2015
  • The Gaffer 2015
  • Market Focus: The Netherlands
  • Eurosonic Noorderslag at 30

Comment: The view from Paris Security under scrutiny Planning for the unforeseen The show must go on

Issue 62
  • FKP Scorpio at 25
  • Market Report: Ireland
  • U2 Tour Report
  • Blockchain Technology

Comment: Hilde Spille on Musicians Nick Hobbs in the East Ville Leppanen on Showcase Performances George Davison on Tour Management

Issue 61
  • 30 years of Session Baloise
  • Market Report: Denmark
  • New Bosses 2015
  • Geoff Ellis celebrates 30 Years

Comment: Touring in Ukraine Streaming Music Festivals Dealing with the Greek financial crisis Tom Windish & Paradigm

Issue 60
  • Rock in Rio and Beyond
  • Annual Family Entertainment Report
  • Sponsorship
  • On the Road with KISS

Comment: Festival booking Touring Malaysia Finnish Metal Festivals

Issue 59
  • ILMC Report
  • International Festival Forum
  • Ossy Hoppe at 65
  • Market Report: Middle East

Comment: Sam Smith on Tour New safety recommendations Music Venue's Trust Oliver Toth Touring in Portugal Andy Inglis on tour management

Issue 58
  • X-ray Touring
  • ILMC 27
  • Superguide European Arena Report
  • The Corporates

Comment: On the road with Egotronic small venues with Steen Jorgensen Keith Jopling on technology Jeremy Silver reviews digital developments James Cobb talks accidents

Issue 57
  • Review of the Year
  • Cirque du Soleil's 'Dralion'
  • The Gaffer - Wob Roberts
  • European Festivals Report

Comment: Frank Turner John Drury from Wembley On the road with Odd Hugo Emerging European acts

Issue 56
  • On Tour with Ed Sheeran
  • Market Report: Latin America
  • Charging Gadgets at Festivals
  • Digital Payments at Events

Comment: Serge Grimaux on RFID accident reporting Brian Kabatznik on venues new technology SSE Arena

Issue 55
  • Market Report: Germany
  • New Bosses 2014
  • Air Charter
  • Tony Goldring

Comment: Music Venue Trust New technology International industry cooperation The IMMF

Issue 54
  • Live Streaming
  • Rock Werchter
  • Family Shows 2014
  • Market Report: Australia

Comment: Carl Leighton-Pope stage barriers CDM event guidelines Festival d'ete de Quebec

Issue 53
  • Barry Dickins
  • Ticketing Report 2014
  • Backstreet Boys
  • ILMC 26 Review

Comment: Corrupshow conserving energy live meets broadcast

Issue 52
  • Chuggi's 50th anniversary
  • A look at the Baltics
  • Promoters feature
  • European Arenas Report

Comment: Touring Brazil Stuart Galbraith on Kilimanjaro Gig info websites The festival experience

Issue 51
  • Queens of the Stone Age tour
  • Review of 2013
  • ILMC 26 Report
  • The Gaffer 2013

Comment: Nordic Focus showcases accident data greening the industry new music funding

Issue 50
  • New Bosses 2013
  • 25 Years of Paul Franklin
  • European Festival Report
  • The SSE Hydro

Comment: Benelux Israel German festival health US festivals Roger Waters' The Wall

Issue 49
  • Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Robbie Wiliams on tour
  • Market Report: South Africa
  • Family Entertainment

Comment: China UK politics PRS for Music business news Reeperbahn Fritz Rau RIP

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