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IQ is the essential resource for the international live music business, publishing news, features, analysis & comment covering the global concert and festival businesses.

IQ Magazine complements our daily news coverage and award-winning editorial, with deeper analysis, longform features, market reports, new signings & comment.

IQ Magazine is read and referenced by the world’s leading promoters, booking agents, venue operators and festival organisers.

The print version is circulated to around 4,000 individuals and companies in more than 70 countries. Online, the magazine reaches a global audience of 20,000 live entertainment professionals.

IQ Magazine is currently published monthly and available to read in print and digitally with any IQ subscription.

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IQ 111 Preview:


Latest issues

IQ Issue 111
Issue 111
  • The Long Tale of Coda
  • Market Report: Switzerland
  • ILMC 34: The Report
  • Solving the Supply Chain Crisis

Comment: Lorenz Schmid details Germany's first climate-neutral arena Theo Quiblier urges us all to share our failures Your Shout: "Which artist or band is your greatest festival discovery?"

Issue 110
  • ILMC 34 Agenda
  • Market Focus: The Gulf States
  • FullSteam Agency at 20
  • Phil Bowdery Celebrates 50 Years in the Biz

Comment: Semyon Galperin on the conflict in Ukraine Why the Ukraine industry will thrive - Alona Dmukhovska Marie Lindqvist on investing in the future

IQ Magazine Issue 109
Issue 109
  • KJK Celebrates 60 Years
  • ILMC's In-Person Comeback
  • The Great Refund Debate
  • Family Shows Back on the Road

Comment: Craig Stanley Talks Brexit Blues Healing from the pandemic with Lina Ugrinovska Your Shout: "What's the Weirdest Place You've Watched a Gig?"

Issue 108
  • 10 Thing Learned from the Pandemic
  • The Gaffer: Phay Mac Mahon
  • Covid Mitigation
  • Omicron Cancellations

Comment: BACK in the Saddle with Suzi Green Ric Salmon Talks Live-streaming with The Smile Your Shout: "What's the Best Showcase You've Ever Seen?"

Issue 107
  • 2021: Year in Review
  • Leading the Way: The State of the Business
  • Tech: Blockchain
  • New Dates for ILMC

Comment: Wayne Forte Talks Mad Dogs & Englishmen Ticket Tout Strategy with Richard Davies Your Shout: "What was your best live moment of 2021?"

Issue 106
  • What's On at ILMC 34
  • Operation Phoenix: Reopening Arenas
  • Liam Gallagher Returns to Knebworth
  • The Astroworld Tragedy

Comment: Suzanne Hunt Talks Squeeze's US Tour Gregor Pryor on the Challenges of the Metaverse Debbie Taylor Shares Her Recent GNR Tour Experience Your Shout: Who Would Be Your Three Ideal Dinner Guests?

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