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Music will bring us back 2gether 4ever

Inspired by a 19th-century poem by K. O’Meara, Live Nation Spain chairman Pino Sagliocco shares his thoughts from quarantine in Ibiza

26 Mar 2020

Pino Sagliocco

I had a dream…

It started as a nightmare where a cruel and strange monster threatened everyone, spreading terror and silence through the streets. Time stood still for everyone, separating each one of us from those around us, turning each household into a refuge.

But it turned into a pleasant and unexpected dream, where every home, even the smallest, became a place of salvation.

In my dream, people stayed in their homes, reading and listening to music, watching shows on TV or simply relaxing. Parents started to play with their children once more, and people sung from their balconies to the streets below.

In my dream, we gradually learned to live a different way of life, a simpler and more sincere way, one where we all learned to value the most important things in life: a hug, dinner with friends, going out for a stroll with nowhere in mind.

In my dream we all took stock in our own ways – some of us meditated, others prayed, some danced and some of us looked to our inner selves.

Music brings the harmony that rids us of our differences

People started to think in a different way.

We had started to do things that had no reason, sometimes with no heart or soul in our actions, each unto their own. And now, by some strange twist, life was was gifting us a clean palette to start again, this time with a conscious awakening.

Faced with danger, it was time to open our souls and start along a new path.

We were devastated by the passing of those who fell by the wayside, sad for the loss of them and for their families…

It was inevitable that we should look inside ourselves to find out who we are, from where we came – all a necessary part on the journey towards where we wanted to go.

In my dream we were able to cleanse ourselves – both individually and the world around us – and we finally made it happen.

Music was our constant companion. It was music that helped us feel close to those around us, music that freed us from fear and brought sweet memories back to everyone.

We will emerge from this stronger; I’m sure of this

Music that can make us dream and fly…

Music, and live music especially – more necessary now than ever before – will help us release our emotional power, the ability to cry, to laugh, to fill our hearts with hope and belief, sure of the fact that we will build a future that is more fair and more just and where we will all find our place in the world. Music brings the harmony that rids us of our differences.

We will emerge from this stronger; I’m sure of this.

We will emerge as new beings, out of this tragic storm.

Now is the time to fight our fears, to be strong and stand united.

Between us, we will begin to enjoy our space under the sun again, in a world that will be deeper, more real, where we will embrace solidarity and shared values.

Music will bring us back 2gether 4ever.

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